All products sold by us are NEW Unless otherwise noted.

Every part has full manufacturer's warranty.

All Non-OEM Parts Are of Equal quality and carry the same warranty as the Original part.

Handling and Shipping fees Are non-Refundable.

All parts sold are new. we do not rebuild or remanufacture or refurbish any parts Unless Specifically Stated.


Do Not Return Any Parts Without a RMA number. Failure To Have a RMA Could Result in Not Receiving Credit.

All parts return to us must have a RMA number issued prior to shipping to us by you. Shipping to us is at your expense. Failure to get a RMA could result in rejection or lost of your shipment. To get that number, contact us through shipping@clearcreekspas.com . State your name, invoice number, and specifically what is wrong with the part. We must know why you want to return the part.

Once you receive your RMA, ship the part to Clear Creek Spas prepaid. It is best to use a method that offers proof the part is delivered to us.

Mark clearly the RMA number on the outside or the package may be rejected or lost.

Parts returned within 30 days of purchase have a 20% restocking fee IF an RMA# is issued and all other conditions are met. Shipping is never refundable. If your order includes Free Shipping from us, the cost of that shipping will be deducted from funds being refunded to you.

Parts returned without authorization or don't meet all conditions, will be charged a minimum of 30% restocking fee or returned to you.

Parts returned after 30 days may be charged a 25% restocking fee if they meet the qualifications listed below. 

 Note: electronic parts and motors can only be replaced by the identical part, NOT refunded or exchanged.

warranty Period:  All manufacturers carry a minimum of 6 month warranty from date of purchase. some carry up to a 12 month warranty from date of purchase. in all cases, any part deemed to have failed from abuse of any sort will void The warranty. warranty is limited to replacement of exact or equal to the original part. you can not receive credit or refund nor apply warranty parts to other purchases. The part must be returned to us with an RMA# and arrive at our business before the warranty expires.

it will be the end-user's responsibility to return the part at his expense to us. you will need an RMA from us to return. some manufacturers allow us to determine if the part is under warranty. Others require the part to be returned to them for testing and determination of warranty coverage. they can chose to fix or replace or deny claims. we will work hard on your behalf to resolve fairly all warranty claims. feel free to contact us with your questions.

If you order the wrong part for you spa, that part can be exchanged for like plus/minus difference in price. For example, if you order a heater for a Z101 but you need a heater for a Z112, we are happy to exchange the part and adjust the price accordingly. You still have to contact us but we will waive the restocking fee and your cost will be the original handling fee, any upgrade shipping you paid for, and the cost returning the part to us. This event must occur within 30 days of purchase.

If you order a part that doesn't fix the problem, that part can not be exchanged or refunded. For example, if you order a sensor, install it, even temporarily, and it doesn't fix the problem, you can NOT return for credit. That part would now be a used part and we would not be able to sell it. We have to guard against customers installing a part, seeing that it is not what they want, and returning that part. We will end up unknowingly selling the part to another customer causing them to purchase a used products.

Plastic Repair Parts CAN be returned for credit less restocking if not installed or glued within 30 days of purchase. The following applies:

Plastic Parts: All plastic parts such as jets, plastic controls, and plumbing are warranted to be free from defect by their manufacture for 180 days from date of purchase. Upon receipt from the customer with a RMA number on the box and we determine the part is defective, we will replace the failed part. Plastic parts can be returned for credit but a restocking fee may apply as stated above. These also must first receive a RMA#.

Electronic Parts can NOT be returned for credit, only replacement of same. The only exception is if upon receiving you see the part you ordered is not like the part you need. If the part is installed, it is no longer be new and can not be sold by us. We encourage you to contact us at spageeks@clearcreekspas.com  and discuss you needs before ordering if you have any doubts. 

The following applies:

Electronic Parts: Electronic parts such as boards, motors, sensors, and topside controls are warranted for a minimum of 180 days from date of purchase depending on manufacturer. Upon failure, customers must obtain a RMA as discussed above. Manufacturers of electronic parts require the part be returned to them to analyze whether the part failure was covered under warranty or not. When we receive the part from you, freight prepaid, we will return the part to the appropriate manufacturer for their consideration. If its determined the part is clearly a failure caused by the original manufacturer, we will replace the part and handle the warranty with the manufacturer directly. IF we cannot determine the cause of failure, we must return the part to the manufacturer and await their determination. Once that decision is made, we will contact the customer by email of the manufacturer's decision. An example is a failed board. We have no way to determine the cause of failure. The cause could be it's manufacture OR the installer.  We need to return the part to the manufacturer and upon the testing of the board they will determine if the failure is covered. Until that determination is made, we are not able to cover the failed part.

We try to be very helpful. If your part is just out of warranty or if you feel that the part should be covered, PLEASE contact us. We will try to be as fair as possible.

C-5 Control Systems: We warranty the C-5 control system or the rebuilt control box using C-5 components for One Year after purchase. Any damage caused by water, water quality, installer, or end-user will not be covered by warranty. You will need to return the failed part to us (see getting a RMA # above). Upon receipt we will determine if the part has failed under warranty. You may also contact us to discuss whether it's covered. As stated above, any failure or damaged done due to installer's error is not covered. The warranty is applicable only to replacement or repair of the part. Any labor or associated down time or damage that may or may not have occurred due to the failure is not covered. The warranty for any part sold by use is only warrantee to the original buyer and only for the repair or replacement of the part. No other warranty is expressed or implied.


Email directly to spageeks@clearcreekspas.com.

Include: Name, Email address, Date of Purchase, Invoice Number, What the problem is.

A timely response will be given on how to proceed.


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